opel is considered best if the fire is homogeneous ,in it ,mean equally distributed in the white opel and if opel is double fire then the best , usually people thik the more will be fire in the opel ,the more it will give its effect, but it is a myth, it is not so ,had it been so ,then no body would buy australian opel ,the everybody would buy Ethiopian Opel ,which is cheap and always have moire fire ,  but no body wants to buy ethopian ,as their grace dies after some year ,

usually seller takes advantage of this lack of knowledge of buyer about the opel ,what does seller do ,shows either ethopian or australian but with lot of un equal fire ,and loots mean charge double or tripple of the real selling price of that opel ,

so here the word to the wise is that opel should be white not in soil or cream colour ,

fire should be equally distributed in the opoel ,should be homogeneous ,

all colour fires should be present in the white opel ,,only one colour fire mean opel is of low quality ,

for good opel you might have to pay little more money ,but that will be a best decesion, for more information contact


since 1942


no one can provide the rate weight and quality which we can provide at best price




12 ratti opel 3000 per ratti








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